Golf Lessons

The game of golf requires as much from the physical body as it does the mind. At Peak Performance Golf Academy we help students of all ages work to achieve balance through teaching them the skills and techniques to improve their game.

Junior Golf Group Lessons

AGES 6-16

Whether you want your child to improve their knowledge of the game or you simply want them to experience playing an individual sport, our junior golf lessons are designed to cultivate a young golfer’s love for the game and build a foundation for lifelong play. Throughout our 8-week program students gain the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, we also touch on course etiquette and help them to understand the importance of mindset in the game of golf. While out on the course we see our students gain confidence, improve their skills and build friendships.

junior golf tournament

Adult Golf Group Lessons

AGES 16 & UP

The game of golf is truly a skill that lasts a lifetime. For those who are perpetual students of the sport, our adult lessons are offered to individuals 16 years of age and older in a group setting. Throughout our 8-week program we teach our adult students to find their own natural swing and work on techniques to perfect their form within their innate physical construct. From there we work with students to practice techniques with each club to help them hone their skills and improve their scores.

junior golf tournament

Private Lessons


At Peak Performance we offer private lessons for both adult and junior golf students who are serious about improving their skills and technique. During the first of our 8 week private golf lesson program students will receive a 3-D swing assessment and an individualized fitness assessment. From there we create a personalized training strategy and develop a fitness plan to help students perfect their technique, increase their skill level and improve their scores.

Find your natural swing and improve your scores.

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324 N Main St Unit 12, Sellersville, PA 18960

P 215 715 1307